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+Brow Design Treatments

Brows have that amazing affect to draw in attention to the best features of the face. Let us give you the most amazing attention to detail that your brows will ever receive. We will never slap some wax on, rip it off and then send you on your way. It doesn't work that way.

+ LBSK Brows - Shaping, Recovery & Tint

 This 30-minute treatment is wonderful for lighter hair brows. We will tint & re-shape your brows. We often get ladies in our clinic who have had poor waxing experiences before, and this service will give you the confidence that you CAN have great brows again. We will also spend the time with you teaching you how to fill in and also how to grow the brows correctly. If you can't handle wax, we can tweeze!

+ Brilliant Brows - Shaping & Recovery

This is for all brows, especially those that have been waxed poorly before. We will spend the time shaping the brows and teaching you how to shape them yourself as well. Some brows are not as full and also not symmetrical, and we'll teach you that it's possible to have amazing brows and the tools to help you get them. This is truly an art and is something we're really good at.

+ Luxe Brows - Maintenance Brow Shaping Treatment

Trust us when we say that even if you schedule a maintenance service, you'll get amazing shaping with detailed work. We take great care in all our work. Our Luxe brows treatment is a brow waxing or tweezing treatment in which we are already working with a shape. We use a lower temperature & sensitive wax as to avoid lifting or burning the skin. This treatment is great if you already have a wonderful shape and just need some cleaning up.

+ Brow Tinting

Got a great shape but just need to darken the color a bit? This is the service for you. Darker brows outline and define your features to really make a difference. You'll love this service for sure.

PLEASE NOTE that before you come in to have ANY facial waxing with us, that you know exactly what medications AND skincare products you are on if you are being treated for acne. These products will thin the skin and waxing can cause burns or skin lifting even with our high standard safety protocols. When you contact us for an appointment, you can tell us then what you are on. We can let you know either then or later after some research if you may have a possible reaction. At La Bella Skin we always put safety first.

On the plus side, if you can not receive waxing, we can certainly provide you with a brow shaping treatment by tweezing instead of waxing.

*** Please read our cancellation policy before booking your appointment.

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