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+ Microneedling

Microneedling, also called Collagen Induction Therapy, involves the use of a tool that has tiny needles which make little pricks in the top layer of the skin. Microneedling tool is a medical grade dermapen. 

Collagen induction treatments, which are considered minimally invasive.

Why would anyone want to have tiny needles pricking their skin? Well, this seemingly odd practice is known to trigger the body’s natural wound healing process, which can help to encourage collagen production, scar healing and an overall brighter complexion.

At first, microneedling was used for general skin rejuvenation, but now it is being used to increase collagen production and to target a wide variety of common skin concerns that can be difficult to improve — including wrinkles, scars, stretch marks,

What is Collagen Induction Therapy?

Collagen Induction Therapy or microneedling, is a minimally invasive skin treatment in which a dermatologist or aesthetician intentionally creates tiny punctures in the top layer of skin using micro-fine needles. The needles usually measure somewhere from 0.5 to 3 millimeters in diameter.

Collagen induction therapy because it’s known for boosting collagen production in the skin, which can make it beneficial for a number of skin concerns including acne scaring, fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling actually induces the production of new collagen in the skin, known as neocollagenesis.

Collagen is the protein that helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. As we age, collagen production naturally begins to slow down which can lead to signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.).

The controlled skin injuries produced by microneedling send the skin into a repair mode that triggers the body to produce new collagen as well as elastin, which is another protein found in the skin that provides our skin with desirable elasticity. Microneedling also encourages the growth of fibroblasts, epithelial and endothelial cells, which can equate to a more even skin tone and a healthy glow. 

RF Microneedling TREATMENT

RF micro-needling adds the element of radiofrequency energy to the traditional micro-needling procedure. The RF energy is delivered via small needles into the dermis. In addition to the benefits seen with the micro-injury provided by the traditional microneedles, RF micro-needling also delivers RF energy deep into the dermis further enhancing skin tightening and scar reduction.

How Does (RF) Microneedling Work?

The RF energy heats the underlying layers of skin, causing constriction and tightening of the skin, as well as the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Because the RF energy is delivered so deeply, it can produce faster results that are more dramatic.

5 Major Potential Benefits of Microneedling

What does microneedling do to your face? There a number of possible benefits of this treatment including:

1. Boosts Collagen

 Collagen production in the skin is crucial to our skin’s appearance. Less collagen as we age means more wrinkles, fine lines and skin sagging. So more collagen means a more youthful complexion, and research shows that microneedling can actually boost collagen production!

According to a 2008 study, patients treated with one to four microneedling sessions and topical vitamin A and C medical grade skin care for a minimum of four weeks preoperatively experienced “considerable increase in collagen and elastin deposition” six months after completing treatment. 

2. Improves Acne Scars

Looking for a natural way to improve acne scars? A 2009 study looked at the effects of multiple microneedling treatments on 37 patients with atrophic facial scarring. Atrophic scars are sunken in the skin and form when the skin is unable to regenerate tissue. Examples of atrophic scars include those resulting from acne and chicken pox. After treatment, the patients’ scars were evaluated and graded clinically at the start and two months after the conclusion of the treatment protocol.  What were the study results? Out of the 37 initial patients, 36 completed the treatment schedule and out of these 36 patients, 34 obtained a decrease in the severity of their scarring by one or two grades. Over 80 percent of the patients evaluated their microneedling treatment as “excellent” on a 10-point scale. There were no significant adverse effects recorded for any of the patients. 

Even though microneedling can help with acne scars, I do want to note that it is typically not recommended for acne that is active. If you’re looking for natural treatment options for breakouts, check out our Acne tab

3. Increases Overall Radiance

If you look up microneedling before and after pictures, they can be quite impressive! Post-treatment, people often report increased radiance of their skin.

After a microneedling facial, one of our clients said, "I also was surprised by how soft my skin felt and how the size of my pores shrank significantly. I load up on hydrating oils every morning because of my inherently dry skin, and I’m addicted to how soft it leaves my skin feeling. But I literally woke up with cushion-like skin without all of the extra work. I decided to go makeup-free (and still am) until my skin completely heals."

4. Allows Deeper Infiltration of Topical Products

An in vitro study published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences looked at the effects of a microneedle device with various needle lengths including 150, 500 and 1500 micrometers. The researchers studied the effects of treatment on the morphology of the skin surface, transepidermal water loss as well as the penetration and permeation of water-attracting topical compounds like those used in skincare products.

After treatment, the researchers observed a decrease in water loss which they believe was most likely caused by a reduction in a pore size. They also noted that skin perforation via the microneedling tool enhanced the ability of water-attracting compounds to infiltrate the skin.

Overall, it appears that microneedling definitely enhances the skin’s ability to absorb and hence benefit from topical products. It may also help to decrease pore size and skin cell water loss. 

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